Monday, April 28, 2008

Where have all the protests gone....long time passing....

“So…what do you think of General Conference this year?” is the question that is asked by many as we anticipate the deeper issues coming to the forefront of the floor. Those who have been before say that the atmosphere is much less divisive. The lack of protest attitude is missing up to this point – but is it missed? Will it show up? Or, are we really working together?

The votes for Judiciary Committee and University Senate seemed almost flawless, despite a few complications with the voting machines. The big surprise was how the results appeared centrist. Those chosen are fairly moderate even the Reconciling Movement as seen in their blog, seem quite pleased with the outcome.

Compared to other years – there are more performances and presentations. It could be said that the music is lulling the conference into a mellow mood. I mean how can you be agitated when choirs of children from Uganda sing about Jesus’ love? How can you feel anything but hope when you see a video about our work in helping victims from Katrina and how we continue to rebuild and bring hope to those areas?

So…. So far….so Mellow. Some may think this is good – others may be wary – but all agree this is definitely a different kind of General Conference.

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gavin richardson said...

i'd say it's a good thing. from what i've been seeing the vibe is cool.