Friday, April 25, 2008

Kansas is WELL represented

Just a few notes about yesterday afternoon and evening and then we'll get onto today!
Yesterday afternoon, we met in Legisltative Committees for the first time. To refresh your memory, these are the committees that "review, sort and refine legislative proposals (petitions). No action is final until taken by the General Conference in plenary session." (2008 GC Visitor's Guide)

There are 13 committees:
Church and Society 1, Church and Society 2, Conferences, Discipleship, Faith and Order, Financial Administration, General Administration, Global Ministries, Independent Commissions, Judicial Administration, Local Church, Ministry and Higher Education, and Superintendency.

To Chair or Vice-Chair or serve as Secretary of one of these committees is quite an honor. Furthermore, to Chair a sub-group is also an important task (as each committee breaks into subgroups based on catagories of legislation. For example, in Church and Society 2 there are four - legislation concerning Human Sexuality, Family, Quality of Life and Other.

Our Chair of Delegation, Luke Wetzel is Vice-Chair of the Discipleship Legislative Committee. Kansas West's own Tyrone Gordan, former pastor of St. Mark UMC, is Chair of that committee. Kansas West's Chair Dixie Brewster is Chair of the Human Sexuality Sub-Committee.

Last night, the sub-committees basically elected chairs and assigned sub-committees - today they begin their deliberations.

Please pray for all the committees as they do their work!

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