Monday, April 28, 2008

Hey All.... I safely arrived back in Texas

I'm here and ready to help Steph report . A quick overview of what happened this weekend - Legislative Committees continued to meet and discern the petitions that would be brought to the floor. Read Rev. Mark Holland's account of the weekend through his link on the right. The Kansas Crew wore their KU shirts on Saturday - including Bishop Jones! Right now we're in a competition with the other "final four" conference in raising money for Nothing but Nets by bidding on a basketball that may( or may not) be signed by the Bishops of those conferences. So far the bid is at $1200.

Legislative Committees are no longer meeting and we have "moved to the floor". Now - it really gets interesting! The voting begins. I will post the order of the day shortly. Remember to check the live stream - it should be going all day today!

Glad to be back! grace! Jan

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