Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The First Evangelist...the Woman at the Well

Bishop Violet Fisher speaks to my heart about our call...bearing the story of the Woman at the well as an example of one transformed to go and make disciples. She claims that this was our first evangelist - our first new church - started by her witness.
My heart stirs for this is MY call story. I was the woman at the well - the woman at the $1 wells I should say. And Jesus called me into this great commission - me - even me! Bishop Fisher reminds us that that no matter who we are - we are called by Jesus Christ - just as the unamed woman was -to share the good news with EVERY-ONE and draw us into the great Body of Christ. What believe this is that we must let Christ's water fill us as He calls us to drink it - fill up a cup, indeed fill up the bucket and take it out into the world. My prayer this morning - as we start to face the issues of Human Sexuality, Family and other matters at the heart, that we keep drinking the water and never forget that it will quench our thirst.
grace, Jan

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