Thursday, April 24, 2008

Here are notes from the WHOLE Young Person's Address

Once again....notes are rough....we'll comment later.
Bongos…music, …provided by young people from all over….

Matt Lockett – Young People’s Address…1st ever! Very diverse group spanning the world. Our prayer is that God leads all of us, everyone today, to change the world…”
Video – Kirov Russia – Sign language by young person “Shout to the World” Nothing compares to the promise I have in You!!!
Kira VOlkova, Northern Europe Central Conf – Russia – UM Church, as well as other protestant churches has faced hostility from other ..Russian Orthodox Church preaches against all Protestant Churches, considering themselves cults. UMC in Russia needs your constant prayers”. “
More bongs…
Jan 2007 = Rebecca …. Northern Michigan Conf – beginning of YA “And then God spoke and we begin to listen to each other..developed principles, guidelines, etc . Disagreed..but slowly learned to talk WITH not over each other. Holy conferencing is worked for the Young people gathered in Johannesburg. Listen to each other, Listen to God…let God work…(IT can work here
beliefs, principal as you and I…the only thing differentiate is financial status.
IF Jesus physically walked with us today what would he do if he saw a hungry person. What would he do if he saw a war torn person starving. Matth 5: 3-5 – Blessed are the poor in spirit as they are the kingdom of heaven…Blessed are the people who remember and help those affected by social, gender, issues regarding of age, gender, etc.. We are all Children of God!
God expects for us to care for each other! What will you do the next time you pass a homeless mother, father, child, begging on the street…how will you respond to God’s word asking that we love and care for one another… There are people so hungry that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread….
James Rathod - Nebraska AC
Disullusioned by personal fulfillment instead of social justice. Embraced everything liberal from the gospel to soy milk. After h.s. fled home state to seek refuge in college Religions vs secular…no middle ground…thought realized that liberals promoted a tolerance of their own. Realized that he too was sometimes was condescending..just as he opposed.
Floor debates of degenerated to name calling and shouting. Only find common ground on hosting potlucks and singing songs.
Rev Annie Arnoldy Rocky Mountain Conf
College YA are still figuring out what they want to do, who they are, etc.
Older superiors expect young workers to conform but not reform or transform anything
Finding identies in communal spaces. IF you are wondering where they are….cafes, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, schools and great ideas…these are the places that allow young adults to form…think about your buildings and churches..offer them a place to belong.
Is this our identity..the picture is dirty..all…
Heaven and earth lifted. The lord is Speaking. I raised my children and helped them grow up..but they have turned against me.
Girl from Russia…
Russia..try to find happiness by drinking or drugs..UM Church is a place of support..(Kira) IT is possible to God to take and think about everybodys concerns.
Rev Annie Arnoldy again…
Horrified by starting YA ministries at the typical UM Church in downtown, from years ago. Later felt won over by the people of the church that could tell you all the remodeling or who has gotten married over the past 60 years. This is the hope of the YA, to be at a place where they can belong….
This is the hope of any church, any building, any person, anywhere. This is God doing a new thing….still at same old church downtown..babies are being born, etc.
Sometimes I feel discouraged and wonder why I should just keep trying…. Andrew Craig..Rocky Mountain…. God has put people here to help guide me through life struggles”
New testament metaphor of planting to understand the kingdom of heaven
Singing “God Will take care of you!” (Applause from everyone)
Rathon…”I stand before you today what the UM Church can be at its best” “When is a church we do our part to plant the seed, we must know that God will do the rest”. not afraid… inspiration of little boy in village dreaming of being God’s message.
Girl from Rocky Mountain conf..Be not that one day all people will be seen not as rich poor, black, white, but as beautiful children of God beloved in God’s Sight.
“If we are not afraid, If we are not afraid, this church can rise up for the future of God”
(KIRA) “Friends hope and dream in Russia of the day that the UM Church becomes a safe place where they can belong.” (bong processional)
Who is my neighbor..Rebecca Farnum West Michigan….
“In the UM Church we have begun to break down geographical barriers..Neighbors are not just those that live next to us.
Who are the Samaritans in your life? Jesus wasn’t about going to serve only those that are easy. You need to go and love those that you struggle with. We are called to share that love with our neighbors..go and do likewise”.
The UMC has a message to this is time to transcend the division….father of Methodism…John Wesley..was not afraid to break down the religion of the time. Thought outside of his society’s box..and formed his own quadrilateral box…” Rathom…
Rev Arnoldy –
“We can judge and demonize each other so much easier than we can learn to love each other. You can choose that path because it keeps you safe. “
Many voices, one call… (Matthew)
This Methodist tradition of ours is not about being the righteous one. It is time for us to be honest with ourselves, set aside fear of control. Ounce of comfort comes from pretending to be righteous. I have faith, I have faith in knowing that what we do here transcends all barriers. I wonder what will happen to this church that I love. As YA we hear all the times, you are the future of the church. But what about you? What are you responsibility. Will the church even exist if we talk about the church, without action. We want to make a difference in this church..but we are not willing to wait. Love and faith in God requires action now! Love and faith requires INTERACTION now. Are you willing to wait? We are willing, what about you? (Applause==drums)

Standing ovation by entire conference! Great job young people!

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