Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Morning

Right now we are in the middle of communion and throughout the liturgy we are watching clips from around the world that share how this "table of hope" is changing the world in Christ. People who ar we starting ministries in poor communities, going to be with those in prison and transforming them in hope. As Bishop Huie said as pictures of war in Iraq, schools around the world that teach and bring Christ "raise your hand if your church has helped bring Christ to people like these. " Everyone raised their hands.
Please be in communion with us this morning and pray for how you bring Christ through your church and your work to people all over the world!
grace and peace, Steph and Jan

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Stephanie Seth and Jan Todd said...

Ooooops...the Bishop that spoke was not Janet Riggle Huie - that was last night. It was Bishop Christopher... please forgive the mistake.