Thursday, April 24, 2008

Last Thoughts for Wednesday

Tonight was utterly amazing in worship. The communion table, shaped like a massive tree ring with huge roots for legs – was at the center of the arena. The bishop’s called all to turn toward the center and face the “tree of hope” table as we sang the liturgy, which had a Taize-ish feel to it. 6500 were gathered for worship – approximately 1000 more than the last General Conference. As we sang our final “Alleluia” of the communion liturgy – we found ourselves holding hands with neighbors and lifting them together in connection and praise of the Almighty God who unifies us in the first place. The One who unifies us in Jesus Christ!

Will there be times of disagreement and even disarray as we scramble to put petitions together? Of course there will be – humans disagree. But humans are also made to be filled with hope, and it is this hope that we call upon to surround us, be in us and breathe through all the conversations held around this common “the table of hope”.

Remember – even if you are not here in body or even in mind – we urge you to consider yourself gathered together around this table that makes us “One in the Spirit” and “One in the Lord”.

We leave you with this last thought – don’t take for granted the Church you have inherited and that is changing even as we speak. We’re all in this together.

Our little funny for the evening – we think Bishop Jones looks like Harry from Night Court! He even sounds like him a little – tell us what you think! We’re thankful for him and the blessings he’s bestowed on our Kansas Area.
Pray for us and we’ll pray for you!
Sweet Dreams
Steph and Jan

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kjc1967 said...

personally, i have always thought the bishop had a bit of a where's waldo look to him. just mentally add the stocking cap and the sweater next time you see him in a large crowd. maybe it is just me . . .