Thursday, April 24, 2008

Episcopal Address

Episcopal Address - Yes - It Was GOOD
So far, every address has been given by women Bishop Riggle Huie, Bishop Christopher and Mary Anne Swenson General Secretary.... yey Women! We have seen people earnestly sharing in the vision to emphasize what we do well and calling us back to radical remembrance of who we are as a social gospel people - and yet doing this in new ways!I know to some this may seem "too good to be true" and we are not naive - the debates have not started. However, the foundation of this community is being built on the common table and the common hope.We will keep you posted on the Young People address that will come shortly. Mary Anne Swenson calls us to say together...Let us be the cup overflowing in a thirsty world! One note for all....say it with us.... Indeed let us be the cup overflowing!The young persons address has just started...the speakers are playing bongos....yes bongos!

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