Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Live...from the TOP FLOOR of the Marriott!

So far...really nothing has happened. However - the greeters must have interned with Wal Mart and K-mart as we warmly greeted at the door by friendly volunteers in red and blue vests saying "welcome to General Conference! and on the back of their vests it said, "How May I Help You?" No, they didn't throw a roll at us!
We've checked in (Steph is an official reserve delegate now) AND thanks to Lisa Diehl - we are considered "the Press" As Stephanie just said "that is soooo scary!" Please note that we have no idea what this reallymeans BUT will have EXCELLENT SEATS!
We have already gotten a "free t-shirt" - wonder how many we will get by the end of the week?!
Our Kansas East delegation have arrived and let us say - your delegation chair has "suited up" and is ready to represent!
WE will be keeping our home state in our prayers - but you need to know - Mark Holland is converting Texans through the sale of KU NCAA Championship t-shirts! Please pray for us! In Christ's love, peace and grace! Steph and Jan


rmitchelltodd said...

You guys look cute! Have fun!

Mark Calhoun said...

OK... if you two are going to be up here in the press box you need to fire up facebook....

Eduardo said...

super cute picture, thanks steph!


kjc1967 said...

The two of you look way to happy! Let's see how those smiley shiney faces look come next Wednesday. Beware the weekend virus/food poisoning. It took me for a trip back and forth across all of Pittsburg in 2004. I will be headed your way on Friday with a van of college students. Any idea where the legislative commitees are meeting? - KC

mknorman said...

Looks like yall are having fun if you see people from Arkansas ask them if Natasha and I can stay !!!!